6 weeks – Online Communications Course Wrap-Up

Dun Bros. is hosting this current post. The objective of coming here is to fill in the particles of tonights outline – the final of 8 2hour sessions offered to 30 individuals. A link for each of the WordPress powered sites established and now running as a result of the course will soon be posted […]


Communication Strategy for this Year

This week I’ve done a bit of research on refining and developing a personal communication system. Some of my findings are nothing new – just a bit of a reminder. Of interest and worth noting here are emailreplies: outlining some great tips on keeping email real, right and effective. Another fun search is to begin […]


Dear TypePad user, from a WordPress enthusiast

So I am on the prowl to compare the paid blogging service of TypePad and WordPress2.0. Why? I have a hunch that many people see the paid option for TypePad and assume it must be better… Also, I have read problogger’s writeup stating that “WordPress on the other hand is a system designed for bloggers […]


WordPress RC3 – Nearly ready for Christmas

I have upgraded this blog to the latest release client just prior to the public release of the very powerful WordPress 2.0. Very cool! There are a number of people ready and waiting for this software and it is my bet that people who use this software package for running their sites will NOT be […]


free hard-drive for storage: gmail drive

I have now used gmail for over a year. I am happy to say that it far exceeds any other email experience I have had. PERIOD! (I’ve used quite a few email systems myself and observed/assisted others in getting their stuff straightened out)


Static HTML vs. Dynamic WordPress Powered Websites

To get a cool website that works for you (instead of you working for it), there are a couple ways to go. (well, probably a lot of ways:-) ) From my testing and trying here are two systems among others I have tried: HTML Templates 1 – cool html templates can do great for creating […]


Screen Capture – Windows XP

So, what is that button supposed to do on your keyboard “PrScn” 1. Click it once 2. Open Word or a photo editor 3. Paste in the screen capture ~or~


Send Photos Email and spare your friends’ the extra weight

Every so often my e-mail slows way down. Long into the process I get the hunch that someone nicely sent me a couple photos. And these two photos weigh in at about 1 ton each 😉 Here are a few suggestions for e-mailing photos and sparing the receiver’s inbox: Method #1) Use a simple photo […]


fire up the browser! – ftp – web tools – portable firefox!

I just have to say, firefox is the best web experience ever! Things I use regularly: ~Fire FTP Allows me to transfer files safely to and from my webserver ~Web Developer Edit css directly and see the changes in my page! And – a must have for the person who uses internet cafes:


Picasa & Coppermine Photo Gallery

Just found this article and thought it worth noting: “Maintaining a picture gallery: a painless process” Looks worth a try for folks on XP with an online coppermine gallery. Update: I tried to find the original article and the site is either down or has gone away. I have a copy of the article as […]

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